White sack Kraft?

White sacks have always been viewed as too expensive and problematic for an industrial environment, however the printability of white sacks can emphasise your product. With white sacks, your brand exudes quality and can stand out from the competition.

Some people see the sack as no more than a functional and practical form of storage and transportation for a product. But it has a more important function – it must also emphasise your product and strengthen your brand. It is also an effective shortcut to creative design that stands out.

Your customers judge the quality of your product by the appearance of the sack and with white sacks, you get superior printability giving you an attractive image, an appealing profile.  As a responsible brand or marketing manager where would you like to be positioned?

Sack as a value creator – stand out and be seen!

In a recent study, over one hundred buyers of building materials were  asked to stand in front of a shelf with several powder products packed in white or brown sacks. The buyer’s eye movements were observed with the help of eye-tracking, revealing which sacks best caught their eye.

The technical analysis was followed by questionnaires where the respondents indicated which sacks they felt had the highest quality. The results showed that the vast majority of the respondents regarded the products in the white sacks as being of higher quality and that they were the products they would have chosen to buy.

A White sack can be an investment that pays for itself and help you to be the supplier of choice in a demanding and competitive market.

Re-engineering your sack?

With new kinds of paper available, it is possible to reduce paper consumption considerably and still maintain sack performance.  If your current design consists of 3 or 4-ply brown sack paper, using new strong paper qualities will enable you to reduce the amount of paper needed by up to 30%. By re-engineering the sack, it is also possible to substitute the 2 outer brown plies with 1-ply white paper and at the same time reduce the total costs, or be more or less at the same cost, if two plies is reduced to one.  This sack concept offers superior strength and porosity, which, in addition to making it possible for you to reduce the volume of paper, also increases filling speed.  The porosity in this range results in excellent de-aeration, which means that the paper does not need to be perforated prior to filling.

The end result is dust-free and brick-shaped sacks of the correct size that facilitate stacking, handling and transportation.  When the sack reaches the user in perfect condition, the quality perception of your product still increases further. By reducing waste with a stronger sack, you also make a positive contribution to the environment.  In line with the above paper changes we have the most advanced sack line in Africa and with this a whole new method of application of our highly advanced adhesive ranges through digital pasting.


Taurus has recently been approved to produce under licence from Billerudkorsnas, the trademarked D-Sack. This innovative product from Billerudkorsnas is designed for the packing of 25kg Cement. The paper is designed to completely dissolve during the cement mixing process without affecting the strength of the final cement mixture. This removes the need for recycling of the empty sack, prevents pollution and will reduce the time and waste of cement required to mix concrete due to the fact that the product does not have to be debagged.

More details on the sack and applications are available from ourselves or Billerudkorsnas, do contact us.