Our commitment to your brand.

It is our intention to continually strive for product excellence whilst remaining as the forefront of development within the paper sack and bag markets, in collaboration with both existing and potential new customers alike.  We cherish the challenge of providing packaging that will add value to our customers with the prospect of shelf life improvement, notwithstanding the need for market appeal enhancement.

Add value through smarter packaging – achieve greater results for your brand.

Our new sack line has the ability to apply carry handles to bags in line and the development and testing of the said application is currently taking place.  Various gloss coatings and applications applied during the printing process are also now in an advance stage and we have consulted with global packaging consultants in this regard.

With new machine technology at our disposal, we have recently changed the construction of an industrial bag to have the same strength with one layer of paper less, resulting in a significant cost saving to our customer.  This was achieved without changing the paper property, merely the method of manufacture.

Specifically on the sack side, new types of paper have recently become available with increased TEA properties resulting in less grammage required, which imply reduction in paper needed and more sacks per ton of paper.  Cost saving is once again in play, if customer specifics can be addressed.