Design & Artwork Process

The design procedure is a guideline to assist a customer in their understanding of what is required and to understand how long the design process may take.

The customer is encouraged to follow the procedure set out below in order for Taurus Packaging to accurately develop an understanding of what is required and to guide the customer each step of the process to ensure the artwork is correct, unnecessary and costly mistakes are avoided and that your printing is of the highest quality and produced on time.

Step 1

Once the customer has agreed on his bag type and bag size he will be requested to provide the required design in a specific format which can be emailed or supplied on a disc or USB to the responsible Taurus Sales Representative.  The formats required is as follows:

  • Illustrator
  • High resolution PDF

If the customer does not have a designer, the customer’s design ideas can be supplied to Taurus Packaging who will then forward to the Repro Specialist who is able to assist in the creation of your design at an additional cost.

Step 2

A quote will be requested by Taurus Packaging from the Flexographic Repro Specialists / Platemakers for the cost of the origination and printing plates.  The quote will be forwarded to the customer for approval.

Time frame: 2 – 3 days

Step 3

An order number and/or payment for the printing plates will be required from the customer before any design work will be originated. Once order number/payment is received, the customer will be emailed the design in PDF format from the Repro Specialist via the responsible Taurus Sales Representative (the customer never deals directly with the Repro Specialist so as to avoid any miscommunication).

Time frame: 4 – 5 days

Step 4

Once the customer has checked the design on PDF and is satisfied that no changes is required a full size colour laser will be provided for the customer to sign off.

If any changes are required once the full size colour laser is provided this will delay the process as new colour lasers will need to be signed off again.  Signed colour lasers will need be returned to Taurus Packaging before any plates will be made.

The following is a guideline of the checks that are required before approval of the PDF or sign off of the colour laser (it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure there are no errors):

  • Pantone colours on the grid
  • Size and layout of the bag
  • Barcode requirements, sizes and location
  • Spelling errors
  • Print position versus sack orientation
  • Fill lines
  • Valve indicator where applicable

Time Frame: 5 – 6 days

The customer can also request a full set of colour swatches.  The colour swatch can be provided to show the customer exactly what the pantone colours will look like on the substrate (paper) which the design will be printed on.  The colour laser will not show exact colours as this is not the same printing process used nor the same type of paper your bags will be printed on in the manufacturing process.  The full size colour laser is only to be used for print details and overall print layout.

Step 5

When the full size colour laser is approved by the customer and returned to Taurus Packaging the laser must be approved internally by the factory and then only will the platemakers get the go-ahead by Taurus Packaging to manufacture the photopolymer plates.

Time Frame: 6 – 7 days (approval internally and the manufacture of the plates)

Step 6

When the photopolymer plates are delivered to the factory the order will be processed so that printing and converting can commence.  The lead time for printing, converting and delivery of the bags can take up to four weeks, this time frame only starts once plates are at hand.

Please be aware that the time frames given is only a guideline as this is also dependant on the quick response by a customer.