Support Departments


Ink Kitchen

Taurus has an on-site computerised ink-mixing kitchen, managed by specialist technicians on a 24/7 basis. This facility enables Taurus to reproduce quality print-work with amazing colour consistency, a non negotiable customer requirement in todays competitive retail market. All inks are quality controlled in the laboratory of the ink-kitchen and also has a colour spectrometer to further assist the technicians in confirming the colour correctness of the lab verified inks.


QA Laboratory

Our Quality Management System conforms to ISO standards, with multiple tests being performed in our modern laboratory to ensure that all raw materials meet the standard requirements for our products.

Recent independent audits by our major customers, packing for the retail food markets, reflected scores of 90%+ for overall compliance with food safety standards.


Repairs & Maintenance

Our fully equipped workshop can handle most breakdowns on a 24 hour basis. This department limits machine downtime to a minimum and is a vital component to keep our lead time commitments to customers.