Taurus is continuously expanding capacity and upgrading its machinery. Major steps were taken during the past 10 years to put Taurus at the forefront of technology in the paper bag & sack market. Due to the ever increasing demand from our customers and our strive to constantly improve quality and give our customers security of the supply, our most recent expansions were in May 2015, with a Linaflex NB 4 colour printing press and a Triumph 3G SO bag machine with paper flat handle unit being installed. In June 2016 automation equipment, including an automatic palletiser and strapping machine, was installed on one of our sacklines. A Tuber for flush cut bags was commissioned in November 2016. February 2017 saw the arrival of the second Triumph 3G SO bag machine for the Company and was followed by Triumph 2-T8 SO bag machine with window application unit in September of 2018.  The latest expansions to our capacity was Triumph 5QT with paper handle unit in March of 2019 and an 8 colour Miraflex C flexo printing press in June of 2019.

Miraflex C

The latest addition to Taurus Packaging’s drive to maintain printing excellence, the Miraflex C is an 8 colour direct drive gearless press. It has full web inspection and is equipped with splicing on both the unwind and rewind sections to minimize waste and the need for stoppages. The machine can print up to 500m/min without compromising print quality. The machine has automatic print setting function ensuring registration is achieved in a very short space of time and always accurate, resulting in the highest possible quality print result.


The Astraflex is a high speed, 6 colour, Central Impression, flexograhic printing press that can deliver printed paper at a speed of 480 meters per minute.

Flexotechnica N8G

High speed 8 colour gear-less sleeve printing press with flying splice automatic roll change.



Triumph 2B Servo

This range of machines specialise in the 500g up to 2.5kg bags.



Triumph 3MR

The 2 3MR machines specialise in 2kg to 5kg bag range and can do bag sizes up to 10kg in 1 or 2 ply construction.



Triumph 2-T8

This very versatile machine has a window application unit and can produce bag sizes of 500g – 10kg with or without windows. Where needed film can be glued in place to allow product inside the bags to be visible to the consumer. It can produce 1 and 2 ply bags. This machine was commissioned in September 2018 and is fully servo driven. This allows Taurus to use it as a swing machine and achieve change-overs from one size to the other by means of preset bag configurations in less then 50% of the normal change-over time required any other SO bag machine.

Triumph 3G

The two 3G machines have range of 5kg bags up to 12.5kg and can produce bags in 1 and 2 ply construction. One of the machines is equipped with a handle application unit that enables us to produce carrier bags with paper handles.

Triumph 5QT

The latest addition to Taurus Packaging SO manufacturing capacity has very wide range of sizes that can be produced, up to bag widths of up to 460mm. It has a paper handle application unit to produce carrier bags, this is its focus market. It is the first of its kind in South Africa.

AM8125 / AD8330

This fully automated sack line, the first of its kind in South Africa can run up to 300 sacks per minute. A state-of-the-art machine, it comes fully equipped with a data capturing system and with preset sizes installed it enables faster change-over times with just a touch of a button. It is also equipped with a web tension control system enabling Taurus to cope with the varying type of substrates thus increasing throughput and allowing for consistent quality. Tuber AM8125 has a maximum speed of 500 tubes/minute (up to 3 plies), or 370 tubes/minute (up to 4 plies) and 250 tubes/minute for a 5-ply tube. It’s also one of the most versatile machines of its kind enabling flat and gusset tubes to be produced at an 18cm minimum width and a 75cm maximum, and a tube pull varying from 32cm minimum to 135cm maximum.

AD8330 is the highly efficient and flexible multi purpose valve bottomer for small, medium and large size bags. It also enables our operators to alter glue application at any speed and can switch between starch and special (polymer) glue with a touch of a button.

Featuring digital pasting technology with automatic viscosity testing while in operation, it uses up to 30% less glue than the previous models and ensures a quality, reliable and cost effective sack for the customer. The machine is equipped with bottom patch application units that can apply printed bottom patches in register onto the sacks when required.

AM8115 / AD2390

The AM8115 Tuber combined with the AD2390 Bottomer can produce 4 bags every second when operated at full speed. The combination of the AM8115 with AD2390 is to service the cement and tile adhesive markets specifically. The automatic transfer between these machines is made possible by “Transystems” and adds to the efficiency of the sack line.



Slitter / Rewinder

We have installed a new Slitter / Rewinder in order to support the needs of our pre-printers, sack manufacturing and SO machines. If urgent customer requirements arise due to changing market conditions and we do not have the correct width of paper in stock, this equipment can slit paper down to the desired measurements in quick time.





The fully automated sack line is completed with the Arcomat 3, a computerized palletiser and the most advanced version of its kind in South Africa. The Arcomat 3 ensures that the final product is neatly stacked, with even weight distribution on the pallet. These features allow for the successful and safe transportation of the product to the customer and enables them to easily handle and restack the product in their stores.


The end result of the Arcomat 3’s work is a squarely packed pallet with top cover, strapping and wrapping to protect the bags against damage and dust. This also ensures the minimum movement of bags on the pallet during transportation in order for our customer to receive a stable palletised product ready for shelving.


The recently installed cyclops palletising system for the bag department.